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Bins Questions

Absolutely, see our detail price comparison page here including 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. 

Here are a few additional ways you'll save some green:

Our bins are much stronger than cardboard so you'll be able to pack more in each bin without worrying about the bottom falling out.

Each bins has an attached lid which means you won't need to spend extra money on rolls of packing tape.

Our bins also neatly stack on top of one another making it super easy for movers to wheel them in and out of your home/office and into a moving truck. With movers charging an average of $150/hr, even shaving just 1 hour off the total move time will save you a significant amount of money.

To make your move as simple as possible we've put together suggested bin packages for both home and office moves based on the size of your location. See our pricing page. If you'd like to order more bins, more dollies, different size bins, or other moving supplies our checkout system provides the option to add a la carte items.

Should you need more supplies, contact us and we can deliver within 24 hours.  

Our eco-friendly bins provide many benefits over cardboard, here are just a few:


-Better for the environment. Cardboard manufacturing results in deforestation, CO2 emissions during production, and methane production as it decomposes.  Our bins are made from recycled plastic, which can be recycled again and turned into more bins.

-Eliminates the hassle of box disposal. Just give us a time and we'll come pick up the bins.

-Our bins with greatly reduce your packing time since you won't spend time building and tearing down boxes.

-Eliminates time spent running to the hardware store, just give us a call, we have free delivery.

-No more ripped handles, or the dreaded box bottom blow through.

-Our bins are much stronger than cardboard, stack them as high as you like without worrying about them collapsing.

-Stacking bins on top of the included dollies, making it super easy to move your stuff

-Eliminates wet, soggy boxes caused by getting caught moving in the rain

-Saves you money. Our bins are typically cheaper to rent than buying cardboard and tape.

You bet!  We use our triple cleaning process: vacuum, spray & scrub, and then disinfect, to ensure your bins are always fresh and fully disinfected before they go out the door.  This process  eliminates odors, bedbugs, and COVID-19.

Service Plans

Yes! Contact us by noon the day before your scheduled delivery, and we can add/remove supplies, change your bin package, etc.

We understand moving plans can change for any number of reasons. If you would like to cancel an order, just let us know 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date to receive a full refund. If an order cancellation is made after this time but before the delivery, there is a 25% restocking fee. If an order is canceled at the time of the delivery, there is a restocking charge of 50%

Generally that makes things a little easier, but if you have a safe location such as a driveway, patio, or lobby where our delivery person can leave your bins, we are happy to accommodate. Just leave specific instructions in the delivery information during your checkout. We also recommend being available on your cell phone if possible during your delivery window in case our delivery person has any questions.


Place a new order online and we'll be happy to deliver more of our plastic green boxes. If you prefer to order additional boxes or moving supplies, contact us and we'll deliver within 24 hours.  

The smallest bin package is a studio package, providing 15 bins. If you would like fewer than 20 bins, contact us directly and we can arrange any number. A delivery fee of $35 applies to any order with fewer than 15 bins.

You do not need to pay for stairs service when there are less than 3 stairs